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Free Tamil stickers and themes in the best Tamil typing Keyboard in India.

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Bobble Head
Pop Text
Create your own keyboard themes using your photos
Use fun stickers and GIFs using the keyboard
Long press to send BigMoji as Stickers
Use Speech to Text
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New Tamil Keyboard by Bharat Keyboards for best Tamil typing experience in 2022
  • Tamil Keyboard By Bharat Keyboards is the best Tamil Keyboard for Android with fast Tamil typing and funny stickers for Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc
  • Bharat Keyboard’s Tamil Keyboard is the best Tamil input tool.
  • You can type using different layouts namely Transliteration ( English to Tamil ) , Tamiilish or using Tamil characters.
  • You can also use the voice to text feature for effortless Tamil typing.
  • You can make the best custom WhatsApp stickers using the feature of making personalized stickers
  • Explore new free themes or create a custom theme using your picture with Bharat Keyboard’s Tamil Keyboard.
  • Send emojis/emoticons using the emoji keyboard while chatting.
★IPL 2022
  • Celebrate the IPL Festival with our keyboard
  • Use the IPL 2022 teams theme on your keyboard and support your team.
  • Send your favorite team stickers with your friends and family.
  • Not just stickers, but GIFs to have more fun this IPL 2022
★Typing Tamil on your Android Keyboard has never been this easy and fun!
★How to use this keyboard
  1. Open Bharat Keyboard’s Tamil Keyboard from your apps after installing.
  2. Enable and choose Tamil Keyboard as your default keyboard.
  3. Customize settings and choose any of the amazing themes or create your own custom theme.
  4. Start typing Tamil on all social media and messaging platforms.
  5. Spice up your conversations by using tamil stickers, funny emojis/emoticons, and GIFs.
★Fast Tamil input tool for your Android devices and by making this as your default Keyboard in your android device, this tool can be used in any application for typing Tamil.


    • Switch between Tamil and English predictions by clicking on the button which is left to the spacebar.
    • Send BigMojis (Big Animated emojis) from the emoji panel by long pressing and making conversations more fun.
    • Add emojis/emoticons in your chats with the emoji keyboard.
    • Click on the stickers icon in the suggestion bar to open the Sticker/GIFs/Emoji section.
    • Change themes from the pack or make a custom theme and set it as Tamil Keyboard’s theme.
    • Use the Voice to Text app feature - Speak in Tamil and let the Tamil Keyboard type it for you.
    ★Bharat Keyboards-Head
    1. Create Custom stickers for any other platform like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the Bharat Keyboards head function by clicking a selfie or using your favorite headshot. These Bharat Keyboards heads can later be added into fun sticker templates to give you custom stickers.
    2. Send stickers in Tamil with your face on them over chats.
    3. Send texts with stickers and funny GIFs with this Tamil Keyboard.
    4. Download other stickers packs and GIFs packs with this keyboard.
    ★Latest and Stylish Fonts
    1. Send text in various stylish fonts.
    2. Use the latest and stylish font text in emails or other social media platforms.
    ★All in one Tamil Keyboard by Bharat Keyboards for all your needs from a Keyboard and providing so many utilities.
    ★We respect your privacy
    1. No personal information or credit card details are collected. A standard warning is shown by Android for all keyboards that you download.
    2. Anonymous statistics may be collected to improve your experience as per our privacy policy.
    3. We care about your privacy and security. We do NOT capture or store data inputted into secure text fields containing items such as password, credit card number, debit card number, OTP, etc.
    ★Download Bharat Keyboard’s Tamil Keyboard with Tamil Stickers to make typing fast, smooth, reliable, and never-ending fun.

    Get this Bharat Keyboard’s Tamil- GIFs, Stickers by downloading the APK or installing from playstore

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